LoveEast Magazine was founded in 2014 by Julie Daniels, originally as E9 Magazine. Her desire was to create a publication to showcase and lift up local businesses, organisations and people. Julie’s vision, hard work, passion, dedication and perseverance paid off and, over time, E9 grew and evolved into LoveEast.

Kaz Ay

In late 2017, Julie made the decision to step back from LoveEast, and handed me the reins. A daunting task, considering its print run of 12,000 and a readership of double that, but I was happy – and honoured – to take it on.

Up until March 2020, the magazine was available in various shops, cafes and businesses across East London, however due to COVID, it was then delivered directly through letterboxes to homes in parts of Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Wanstead, Leytonstone and Walthamstow.

Unfortunately, production and distribution has become impractical due to the ongoing pandemic and resulting lack of advertising revenue, which the magazine relies on. Therefore, as of March 2021, the magazine is now on hiatus. Hopefully it can return at some point but it’s impossible to say when that will be.

Julie Daniels

It’s often the case that community magazines forget about focusing on the many interesting people, places and events that make up their readership; I believe LoveEast stood apart because it did the opposite by showcasing exactly those things. That’s down to Julie’s initial vision, which is at the heart of the magazine and which continued through its last publication, in January of 2021.

Julie has given us all something quite special, unique and valuable; I’m proud to have carried that legacy forward as long as I was able, and I hope you enjoyed LoveEast.

– Kaz