Live Art Development Agency (LADA) celebrates its 20th anniversary

The Live Art Development Agency (LADA) was established in 1999 by co-founders Lois Keidan and Catherine Ugwu, and is now recognised as one of the most vital and instrumental creative spaces in the UK.

LADA Mansford Street Exterior

Based at Garrett House in Bethnal Green, it has an extensive library of performance art videos, resources and publications as well as a free, open access study room. LADA hosts a range of programmes, curatorial projects and residencies that support and nurture artists from diverse backgrounds, and at its heart is a desire to provide artists with the space and freedom to stimulate new processes and approaches in order to develop their practice. It creates conditions in which diversity, innovation and risk in contemporary culture can thrive.

LADA – and live art itself – gives agency to artists who often don’t have a voice in more mainstream practices; it refuses to be defined by traditional categories of what people think of as art, instead challenging that very idea.

Tiny Live Art Development Agency by Robert Daniels, featuring Bobby Baker

All aspects of LADA’s work are informed by issues of difference and diversity, and are grounded in a commitment to creating the conditions in which innovation, experimentation and risk can thrive, and to developing new forms of public engagement and new discourses around the nature, role and value of contemporary culture.

LADA particularly supports the most challenging artists, practices and ideas of contemporary culture, including emerging artists, and artists from culturally diverse backgrounds.

Tiny Live Art Development Agency by Robert Daniels, featuring Bobby Baker

Tiny Live Art Development Agency by Robert Daniels, featuring La Ribot

LADA is marking its 20th Anniversary this year and is celebrating with a series of initiatives throughout the year. The recent March launch of the publication, Agency, A Partial History of Live Art, and a series of 20 limited edition artworks, Tiny Live Art (Development Agency) by Robert Daniels kicked off the celebrations. Future events include a radio series on Live Art histories and futures for Resonance FM; a box set of 20 postcards representing key LADA projects and initiatives, and a series of free events at their home at The Garrett Centre – Live Art on the page, the stage and the screen.


Agency, A Partial History of Live Art, Ed Theron Schmidt, new LADA Publication 2019

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