The Gentle Author on Tessa Hunkin

Tessa Hunkin’s new mosaic in Haggerston

If you are seeking a destination for your daily walk you can do no better than direct your footsteps towards Haggerston where Tessa Hunkin and the Hackney Mosaic Project‘s largest ever mosaic was recently completed on the Acton Estate.

Eight months of work by Tessa and her team reached its spectacular culmination in late June as mosaic specialist Walter Bernadin laboured from early morning to install their latest masterpiece before the sun reached its full heat. Funded by the developers who have redeveloped part of the post-war estate, the mosaic forms the centrepiece to the shopping parade at the heart of the neighbourhood, which takes its name from Nathaniel Acton who owned the land in the eighteenth century.

Drawing inspiration from Haggerston’s rural past, Tessa’s design evokes the natural world, illustrating the farm animals and fruit trees that once were here. A closer study reveals hidden initials of local people who were each responsible for different aspects of the work – the animals, plants and birds.

Once the new mosaic was installed, a small crowd of residents gathered to admire it, appreciative of its lyrical finesse and elegant detail, which alleviate the surrounding acres of paving, concrete and brick. In such grim and lonely times in the city, everyone was heartened and uplifted to witness this flourishing of creativity and community spirit, enhancing the urban environment for years to come. It is a symbol of renewal.

The mosaic can be found outside 224 Haggerston Road, E8 4HT

THE HACKNEY MOSAIC PROJECT is seeking commissions, so if you would like a mosaic please get in touch:

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