Photographer Carolyne Locherhad a meander through the inaugural London Mural Festival, now open to the public. Over 200 artists painted murals from Walthamstow to Wembley Park throughout September and October, with 75 plus large-scale murals and activations, most of which will last for years to come. You can download the latest map and go and explore murals:

Artist: Mad C

Artist: Marija Tiurina

Artist: Marija Tiurina

Artist: Luke Smile

David Shillinglaw – London Mural Festival – -25 Scrutton St, EC2A 4HJ (Image courtesy of Global Street Art)

Global Street Art Agency works with organisations around the world on a multitude of mural projects. W:]

Main image artist: Camille Walala

Carolyne Locher is a London-based freelance photographer and writer. She has travelled extensively and loves the democracy of street art, having seen inspiring large-scale works in places like Buenos Aires, Malaga, Paris and Bristol.

She is thrilled that London is getting on the international street art map, hosting the inaugural London Mural Festival.