Nicole Breeden test drives Modern Mediterranean restaurant Morito in Hackney

As much as I love the food that comes with the festive season, I thought I’d break away from the cranberry sauce and spiced lattes for one day by visiting modern Mediterranean restaurant Morito.

Located on the hip Hackney Road, Morito is a tapas/mezze restaurant which draws influences from Southern Spain, the Eastern Mediterranean and even North Africa. Adding to this uniqueness is the fact that the owners make it their mission to source uncommon produce; sometimes including items which aren’t even widely available in London yet.

Prior to arriving to the restaurant, we booked a table online so I wasn’t quite happy when we were shown to our seats at the bar. However, sitting here actually turned out to be a great experience because we were able to feel the true welcoming culture of the Mediterranean by being up close and personal with the staff, and seeing how they were serving. This was reiterated with the inviting open kitchen.

Whilst Morito features a wide array of wines from the likes of Portugal and mainland Spain, I decided to try their special cocktail for the night which positively oozed notes of fruit and floral. The delicious and light sharing dishes which followed were a mixture from Turkish and Spanish cuisine.

The highlights for me were the small plates of beautifully charred halloumi with chopped salad and walnuts, and then the mouthwatering scallops with chorizo and spinach. Not forgetting the dessert which was baklava with a difference; drizzled in warm, melted, gooey chocolate goodness as opposed to the usual honey or syrup.

Overall, I would highly recommend Morito as it allows you to taste a number of dishes from a variety of Mediterranean cuisines in one place. Due to its laid back atmosphere, it would be great for a casual dinner with friends, a mid-week date night with your parter, or even a visit by yourself for some good food and wine. Morito welcomes a very open and honest culture, so you won’t feel alone.

195 Hackney Road, E2 8JL
You can also enjoy Morito in Exmouth Market.

Dinner for two including 5 dishes, dessert and cocktail each: around £100.

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