LoveEast tries out SoBe, the latest food residency at Well Street Kitchen. Vegans, you may want to look away now…

Let’s face it: supper clubs, pop-ups and restaurant residencies have long passed the ‘trendy’ mark and are now firmly a part of our culinary landscape. This is no bad thing: it gives up-and-coming chefs a chance to get their work known, and it provides opportunities for smaller eateries to share the load. Collaborations happen, businesses are launched and we all get to try out new food experiences.

The newest kids on the block are SoBe (short for South Beach, as in Miami), which recently opened in the evenings at Well Street Kitchen. The brainchild of self-confessed burger addicts Tom and Alex, their ‘Miami-inspired burger joint’ recently launched at London Fields Brewery Taproom to rave reviews, and we can certainly see why.

Four of us went to test drive SoBe in mid February and the verdict was a unanimous thumbs up. The food was delicious, the burgers and their fixings were generous – but also eatable (unlike many that are so big you can’t get them into your mouth) and we thought the branding on the buns was a nice touch. We didn’t try the vegan option but it must be good, judging by what we had. Alex was our host and could not have been friendlier or more helpful.

The food
SoBe has two types of burger on offer, as well as a chicken and a vegan dish, regular and sweet potato fries, and a slice of key lime pie to top it off. Three local beers and three cocktails are also on the menu and the price is spot on – there aren’t many places in London that I can think of where you can get a really decent meal plus a drink for £20!

We love the Well Street Kitchen anyway – who in the area doesn’t? It’s a cosy, friendly oasis, and a great place for brunch or a cuppa – so we’re really happy to see them collaborating with SoBe; a definite win-win for everyone.

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Wed – Sun 17.30 – 22.30
Also available on Deliveroo

From £20pp for a full meal including a drink

203 Well Street, Hackney, E9 6QU
0208 533 6275
Insta @wellstreetkitchen

Mon – Fri: 8am to 4pm (Kitchen closes at 3pm)
Sat & Sun: 9.30am to 5pm (Kitchen closes at 4pm)

Photos © and courtesy of SoBe