Media Pack
LoveEast is a stylish A5 publication distributed bi-monthly and free of charge to 12,000 households, shops and cafés within the E9, E8, E6, E5, E3, E2, E13 and E20 areas. Our readership is between 25,000 and 30,000.

What makes us different?
This is your magazine for your area. The magazine is packed with interesting editorial that is relevant to residents who live in East London, and we adhere to the notion that ‘content is king’. You will find essential information about what’s on, such as music, sports, family activities and arts events, as well as restaurant reviews, recipes, history and so much more. We also have columns dealing with wellness, fitness, food & drink and our list of experts is growing.

There is strong evidence that local services are preferred by the majority of the UK population, and we’re proud to play a part in bringing our East London community even closer together by providing an invaluable source of information about local businesses and services.

Why it’s good for local businesses
LoveEast provides an effective advertising platform for the East London business community. Our colourful and stylish design makes us stand out from the crowd, and because our content is interesting and relevant, people look forward to receiving and reading it. Our popular What’s On pages encourage people to keep it as a handy guide for the weeks ahead and it’s referred to often. In addition to the compact format, ease of reference and cost-effective ad rates, the magazine has a strong visual impact and, unlike many other publications, there is never any advertising on the cover, differentiating us from other publications in the area.

We also publish all articles and advertorials for each edition on our website,

Where are deliveries made?
We distribute free copies to 10,000 homes in the Victoria Park area. We also reach the roads around Chatsworth Road, south to Tredegar Square, and to the streets north, east and west of London Fields.  A further 2,000 copies are delivered to various shops, cafés, Doctor surgeries and businesses in Victoria Park village, Broadway Market, Roman Road, Hackney Wick, Chatsworth Road,  Walthamstow Village, Forest Gate, Plaistow, Upton Park, East Ham and  Wanstead High Street.

When and how often do we publish? 
The magazine is published every other month, with the exception of the Summer edition, which covers June, July and August, on the last working day prior to the month of issue  – for example, the September/October edition is distributed at the end of August, or in the case of holidays, in the first week of the month of issue. The current publishing schedule, along with booking and artwork deadlines, is listed below:

Sept/Oct 2018
Book space by 2 Aug
Supply ad no later than 9 Aug
Published end August

Nov/Dec 2018
Book space by 4 Oct
Supply ad no later than 11 Oct
Published end Oct

Jan/Feb 2020  
Book space by 6 Dec
Supply ad no later than 13 Dec
Published end Dec

March/April 2020 
Book space by 7 Feb
Supply ad no later than 14 Feb
Published end Feb

May/June 2020  
Book space by 3 April
Supply ad no later than 10 April
Published end April

July/Aug 2020
Book space by 1 June
Supply ad no later than 8 June
Published end June