CoolEast Party

Image: Tod KavonicImage: Tabitha StapelyImage: Tabitha StapelyImage: Zach EkpeImage: Zach EkpeImage: Tod KavonicImage: Tod KavonicImage: Zach EkpeImage: London Fields BreweryImage: Tod KavonicImage: Zach EkpeImage: Zach EkpeImage: Tabitha StapelyImage: Tabitha StapelyImage: Tabitha StapelyImage: Tabitha StapelyAnnnd, it's a wrap!

Our First CoolEast Party

On the 10th of October we threw a party with our Media Partners, East London Radio, at Oxford House in Bethnal Green. The idea was to ‘Celebrate the East London Love’ and that we did. All of our sponsors and performers were East London based, and we could not have asked for a more perfect evening; we ate, we drank and we certainly were merry. We had such a good time that we might even do it again next year, because let’s face it; East London Rocks!

Music by Jennings Couch and Between Suns
Comedy by Charlie George and Nigel Lovell

Massive thanks to our performers, our MC Claire Walmsley, Vinarius, London Fields Brewery, HappyDown Cocktails, BreadClub1, StefsBrownies, AG Price Florist, SquareRoot, Oxford House, Zach Ekpe, Roman Road LDN, and the boys from the Wanstead Tap. We couldn’t have done this without your support!

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