Residents of Tower Hamlets saw lots of action with the filming of Mission Impossible – Fallout right on their doorstep

Tower Hamlets, now one of the most popular film locations in London, recently welcomed film crews for Mission: Impossible 6 – Fallout. With Tom Cruise at the helm and Christopher McQuarrie directing his second Mission: Impossible film, several iconic characters reprise their roles, along with some new faces. The result is a stellar cast, including Rebecca Ferguson, Vanessa Kirby, Henry Cavill, Simon Pegg, Alec Baldwin, Michelle Monaghan and Ving Rhames to name a few.

The Tower Hamlets Film Office connection
The Film Office is an organisation exclusively contracted to provide film liaison and management services for local authorities, registered social landlords, property developers and private location owners. They manage filming and photographic shoots for the London Boroughs of Newham & Tower Hamlets (the most film friendly boroughs in the Capital) along with many private locations.

In the case of Mission: Impossible – Fallout, the filming in Tower Hamlets was months in the making, and to say it was ‘an involved shoot’ is an understatement, Among the usual challenges of such a large-scale project, Tom Cruise breaking his ankle while performing a stunt in the capital resulted in several schedule changes. Despite that, filming was successfully completed to the satisfaction of everyone concerned.

The Tower Hamlets Film Office’s proactive approach, in-depth knowledge of the borough and close working relationships with local residents and businesses ensured that the interests of all stakeholders were factored in along the way. Additionally, strong and positive relationships developed with the film location and production crews meant that the Tower Hamlets community itself gained tangible benefits from playing host.

Dominic Reeve-Tucker, Director at The Film Office, says “Hollywood studios are increasingly choosing to shoot big-budget films in the UK, attracted by significant government tax breaks, as well as access to top-class on- and off-screen talent and studio facilities.”

Tower Hamlets itself is the second most filmed borough in the capital (Westminster is the first) and has maintained that status since 2014. This is in no small part due to the The Film Office’s service management, which provides maximum benefit at minimal inconvenience at all times.

Location Manager, David Campbell-Bell says: “The Film Office has offered tremendous support facilitating and welcoming Mission: Impossible 6 to Tower Hamlets. Their team has met every challenge with enthusiasm and professionalism that has enabled practical solutions to ensure a successful shoot for all parties. It’s been a highly ambitious shoot with a relentless schedule involving multiple locations/scenes, including the opening night sequence of the film.”

Newham & Tower Hamlets are the most film friendly boroughs in the Capital

Both The Film Office and Locations Team have worked incredibly hard alongside each other to balance the interests of the production and local residents & businesses – together we have been able to provide additional benefits including employment, on-set work experience, set visits and donations to local associations to support their community work.

Creating opportunities
The production facilitated work experience from 4 Corners – a local learning, production and exhibition centre for film and photography, which supports new talent to establish practitioners. Local resident Mark Jones got in touch with the production after receiving a letter though his door as part of their consultation for filming in Shoreditch:

“I live in Shoreditch and have a genuine interest in the film industry, recently completing a degree in Film Practise at the London College of Communication – part of UAL. After approaching the production, I was invited down for a set visit and two weeks later I was working on that film set as a Location Marshall in the Location Department Team – it provided a fantastic foundation and understanding of what a location department manages in film production.”

The Location Department then hired Mark as a Location Marshall for the duration of the shoot, resulting in employment for approximately. three months.
Local Associations also welcomed the filming and its benefits to the area. Film Liaison Officer, Jeannie Taylor-Lowen of Norton Folgate says “It can be exiting to have film crews turning your neighbourhood into a film set – it can also be challenging. Being able to easily liaise with The Film Office has proven extremely useful.

The whole neighbourhood was buzzing with the news that Tom Cruise was ‘in the hood’

Our neighbourhood residents group – the Norton Folgate Community Group are committed to improving the day-to-day lives of our members in a direct and tangible way, including raising funds to secure off street bicycle racks, enabling the removal of dumped rubbish and arranging a window cleaning service for our residents’ homes. We very much appreciated the funding raised by Tower Hamlets Film Office; it contributes to improving the quality of life for our local communities”

Rebecca Collings, Chair of JAGO says “Jago Actions Group’s neighbourhood area, south of Arnold Circus and facing the Goodsyard, is very popular with film crews and photographers. While it can be a distraction for residents trying to get to work or get their kids to school, it’s great to see the area put to creative use, especially the long-derelict Goodsyard site.

Mission: Impossible – Fallout is due for release on 26th July.

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