Lady Ray meets the locals

Debbie Newland-Bull (pictured, above)…

is a community nursery (at Scallywags) manager, mother, forest school leader & known by the parents & staff who collaborate to run the nursery as a bona fide saint.

What’s important to you?
Equality, justice, fairmindedness,
acceptance and celebration of diversity,
collaboration, understanding and communication.

What do you love about the East End?
I love going to Victoria Park – it really is the people’s park. I like The Hub café and the warm staff there. I enjoy how it’s cut into different quarters & looks forward as well as recognising its rich history.

Stuart Patterson

Stuart Patterson by Lady Ray

Stuart Patterson…

is “Jack of all trades, master of none” (the latter I find hard to believe), co-owner of LOVE VINYL record shop, DJ, promoter.

What’s important to you?
Well, I can’t say Reynagh (his beautiful partner) because that would make me sound soppy. Happiness in all things, yes, in one word, HAPPINESS.



What do you love about the East End?
The communities’ constant evolution.
The positive side of gentrification.
The non-profit art movement.
The music.
The nightlife.

Interview & portraits by Lady Ray,