Have you noticed the doors of Walthamstow lately?

It’s true to say that we often don’t see the wood for the trees. We walk, bus or cycle past the same things each day as we go about our business and barely remember how we got from A to B, never mind taking much notice of our surroundings. After all, we see it every day, so what’s to really ‘see’? Well, a lot actually, and in this case, doors.

We recently discovered Lorena Perez, who has made a point of ‘noticing the everyday’ – in particular, the doors of Walthamstow, which she photographs and collects in her popular instagram feed. Far from mundane, there are some real beauties to behold, and it’s interesting to note that something so common to us all can be incredibly self-expressive.

Lorena hails from Spain originally and has been living in the UK for the past 4 years. She’s also lived in The Netherlands, Italy and Greece – a well-travelled European who, no doubt, has seen a fair few doors along the way.

Lorena used to model when she was younger, which is how she got introduced to photography. She began by taking pictures of buildings, monuments and general architecture, mostly in black and white, to create a melancholic mood. Soon after beginning her travels, she found other subjects of interest; things that were more colourful and more “alive”.

When she moved to Walthamstow she often walked or cycled around the area, which is how the houses and doors caught her attention. Lorena says: The doors are colourful and some of them have beautiful stained glass panels and pretty hanging baskets full of flowers. It’s easy to overlook the beauty of things you see on a daily basis so I thought I should take pictures of the most eye-catching ones and get them all together on instagram.”

Looking at the positive feedback and comments from her followers, it seems to be working.
It’s fun to be a connoisseur of the street – or, to use Baudelaire’s phrase, “a botanist of the sidewalk”. It’s part of the urban experience, and here in East London we are spoilt for choice in terms of urban eye candy, particularly in the form of street art, murals and humourous artist interventions. But the everyday also brings beauty and often a smile if we but take the time to notice and really look. You may be surprised at what little gems you come across.

Follow Lorena’s instagram feed as she searches out and discovers the beautiful, unique and sometimes quirky doors of Walthamstow.
Check out Lorena’s website to view her other photographic works; you can also contact Lorena for information on commissioning work.

Images courtesy of and © Lorena Perez