You’ve been incredibly productive since we first met just over a year and a half ago, with lots of gigs and releasing new music. Tell us about some of your highlights.
Yes! It’s been a really crazy year! The highlights have really been digital for me. I’m seeing steady growth in streams and followers which is amazing! Especially during Lockdown, more people are streaming music than ever which is great for me!

Where Did You Come From has become really popular on Spotify with over 100,000 streams – how does that feel?
This was a real milestone for me! It’s just incredible to think people like my track enough to stream it so much. I’m honoured and humbled! Now its all about riding that momentum and carrying it on with my next releases.

Photo: Kyriakos Georgiou

Tell us about the making of the video for You Taste Like Water; we understand it got a bit sticky.
Oh dear… For the music video I had the idea to have coloured ice cream thrown at me and the band while we were performing. This was to reference certain lyrics in the song like “You taste like water, you’re so vanilla, my favourite colour”. On paper is was a great idea! But I couldn’t have imagined the mess. I’ve never been so sticky in my life! But hey, all in the name of art!

You’ve been collaborating with other musicians and producers recently – how is that working with the Lockdown?
The Lockdown has actually made us producers and musicians be more productive while we sit at home. I must admit, it’s difficult to have sessions over the phone. I’d much rather have them in person. But at least we are keeping busy and keeping the creativity flowing! It’s a great opportunity to finish all the songs I’ve started as I have a tendency to jump around from one idea to another.

Tell us about your upcoming EP, On The Edge Of Change. What made you decide to do it and when will it be released?
I’m very excited about the upcoming EP! It’s the first EP I’ve ever released and to be honest I’m a little nervous. I’m used to releasing singles and promoting them one by one, but to promote a whole body of work is daunting. It was my manager who thought it was a good time to release an EP. Again, it’s all about riding the momentum of the previous singles to something bigger and better! The EP will be available on the 7th of May.

Regarding Lockdown, what do you miss the most that you can’t do at the moment?
Honestly, I miss gigging. That’s such a big part of being a musician and it’s difficult not to be able to perform. Gigging is how I get exposure, reach wider audiences and ultimately practise my performing skills. I look forward to getting back on the stage, but it seems that might be a while.

What’s your best Lockdown tip?
I would say the best Lockdown tip is to keep busy. Stay productive. These are tough times but, if we adjust our routines and lifestyles slightly, we can potentially be more productive than we were. Also get your once a day exercise. Being outside really helps clear the headspace!

You’re also doing some live streaming at the moment – where can we watch?
Yes! I’m live streaming on Instagram and Facebook once a week. Make sure you follow me on Facebook and Instagram @jenningscouch to get all the details.

Favourite food
Right now, toasties. I’ve been getting real creative with toasties during Lockdown.

Favourite tipple
Red wine or whisky.

Favourite holiday destination
Italy. Can’t get enough of the food and wine.

Favourite songwriter
I would say Chris Martin of Coldplay is one of my favourite songwriters. I love the chords he uses.

Favourite instrument to play
It’s a tie between piano and guitar. Depends on my mood!

What’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to you?
Comments about my hair are among the nicest!

If you could change one thing about London (aside from Lockdown) what would that be?
Cars. I would make all cars electric to reduce noise and air pollution.

Who are your heroes?
My mother. She’s taught me so much in life and I’m forever indebted to her!

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Main photo: Chris Patmore