On kids and gigs…

Things I miss since becoming a parent number eleventy billion – going to live music gigs. Don’t get me wrong, the Peppa Pig soundtrack that is a gentle and constant background in our home is an auditory delight, but it wouldn’t be my Spotify choice (fact – having kids messes with the algorithm). So I was very excited about an afternoon of live music in a part of Shoreditch I’d last seen at 3am many years ago.

Adam and Sarada, founders of Wake Up Gigs, met at a music event and have enjoyed live music around the UK ever since. And then along came Edwin, now an incredibly cute toddler, but of course at the same time a major obstacle to wild nights out. The ticket fee, plus the cost of a babysitter, plus the inevitability of leaving before the encore so you don’t have to queue for the tube mean that being a fan of live music is expensive, and the organisation is more complicated than getting Glastonbury tickets. Wake Up Gigs is the answer to that, and on 17 February they are hosting their latest gig, at Ace Hotel in Shoreditch.

All the gear you need will be there – toys, balloons and musical instruments for the kids, a fully stocked baby changing zone and an equally fully stocked bar and menu. The headline band is yet to be announced but Wake Up Gigs have fans in Radio 1 DJs Steve Lamacq and Huw Stephens, as well as the current presenter of Desert Island Discs, Lauren Laverne. Less well-known fans now include my two kids. Noise, chaos and interaction are very much encouraged so there is no fear of crying babies, and, did I mention the bar?

I’ll be back for the next event on 17 February. Because anything that links my new life with my beautiful babies and my old life with moshing and music is good with me.

If you want to join me you need to hurry– tickets sell out on the day of release, so sign up for their mailing list on their website now.

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